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What is it?

​Using a combination of high quality CBD and essential oils, we have created a natural aromatic rub that helps to soothe both sore muscles and joints. Non GMO, no additives or preservatives (except the ones in nature), Canna Rub is a great addition for those looking for​

Soothing relief in a stressful world

Who We Are. What We Do

I started Mind & Body Essentials with the intention of helping those who
want a natural product, made with high quality ingredients that was
more affordable than what could be found on the market today.

Our Partnerships

I have chosen to partner exclusively with two companies for the main ingredients in my Canna Rub.
One is Aromatics International for my oils, and Summit CBD for my CBD oil.

 American based, environmentally conscious and with a passion for the best; both companies produce an organic product that’s third party tested for both quality and purity.  Knowledge of what goes into the product is transparent with publication of the test results for each batch on their sites.

Please take an opportunity to read about these two wonderful companies in the additional tabs.

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Canna Rub-Soothing relief in a stressful world..

Welcome All to my new creation! Canna Rub has been in the works for over a year. Many trials, many errors and many friends have brought this product to you!

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