Aromatics International

Know your Essential Oils

With so many choices on the market you must be wary of where your oils come from! Contaminants due to improper distillation, the substitution of quality oil with lesser oils, and the addition of additives is a common occurrence with many types of essential oil.

You also have to be conscious of the different species of plants that make up essential oils, they may have the same common name, but their chemical compositions can be very different.  (Just look at how many different types of basil you can buy at the local market!)

Chemical composition you ask? YES! Knowledge of the different species compositions is vitally important in the blending and use of essential oils. Many of the oils have similarities in their composition and you have to make certain you stay within safe guidelines on many of their components.

 Since what I make is a rub, I stay well within what is know as “dermal limits”. This guideline helps to ensure the least possible reactions to the essential oils in my blend. Example: Cinnamon oil is great, but if you use too much the possibility of reaction is greatly increased…especially with long term use. This example goes for many of the essential oils used topically. The guidelines I follow are to be found in the book Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young.

I have put the same amount of research into choosing my essential oil supplier as I have researching the different components of my rub.

That’s’ why I’ve partnered with Aromatics International.

Aromatics International was founded in upstate New York in 1994. Both Andrea Butje and Cindy Black (founders of Aromahead) were passionate about the quality of product they were importing for the aromatherapy classes they were teaching.  And so, Aromatics International was born.

Karen Williams, a nurse and professional in the healthcare industry for 35 years, found a resonating passion for integrating holistic approaches to health when she met Andrea. Karen started early in her career studying and developing a specific interest in using essential oils and plant-based medicine.  After expanding her studies with Andrea, in 2009 she purchased the company. She shares the same passion and dedication to purity and quality that Andrea and Cindy have, and they still stay in close contact.

Karen is passionate about their products from seed to bottle. Even more, she is just as passionate about the earth and the sustainability of the plants they use for the generations to come.  

Based in the Rocky Mountains, the Williams family personally grow and craft many of the products you will find on their site. They also work with producers and distillers in over 60 different countries who share their belief in purity, sustainability and organically creating a product that is of the highest quality.

Every batch is third party tested using GC/MS (gas chromatography and mass spectrometry).  This ensures not only the purity but the individual components of each oil. Reports for each batch and every oil can easily be found on their page.

Please check out their site! They have an array of products including cleaning products and their own special blends. They also have an incredible knowledge base to give you more of an idea of what an essential oil truly is…