Calm-Balm 1 oz.


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Calm-Balm Cbd for anxiety relief       Calm-Balm Cbd for anxiety relief

Cbd and the relaxing aroma of lavender for anxiety and stress relief.  An amazing combination…for those times when you just need a little extra help with anxiety but don’t want to turn to medications. Great for insomnia as the aroma of lavender, along with the combination of additional oils, help to relax your mind and body.

This combination of  Cbd and essential oils can be a wonderful to aid in meditation.  The addition of oils such as Ghandi root make this unique combination amazing for anxiety, stress and insomnia! Use anywhere for mild muscle spasms, but works best when applied to neck, shoulders or around your temples. For deeper muscle relief try Muscle-Mint!

Face friendly so great for mild headaches with no menthol to burn your eyes. A wonderful addition to your sleep routine…


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