Muscle-Mint 1 oz.


Made with Cbd infused essential oils, Muscle-Mint is the one to choose for pain relief.


Cbd with terpenes pain reliefAll natural and organic. Cbd infused with essential oils, this is the Cbd and terpenes combination to choose for muscle pain and muscle spasm relief.

Enjoy the effects of the combination of  Cbd and  essential oils for help with relief from muscle and joint pain. With the addition of several organic essential oils and a base of coconut oil, this blend is sure to please.

Use before and after a workout or when you get that sudden cramp!  Works great for joint discomfort.  Massage it in for help with deep muscle relief. Use as often as desired. For long and short term relief.

Only made from responsibly sourced plants with nothing else! GMO, soy and gluten free.

With 0 THC, this is the go to for those who worry about the use of THC in their products.  Available in 1 and 2 oz. sizes…

Canna Rub cbd for muscle relief

Muscle_Mint 2 oz.


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