Canna Rub a CBD infused essential oil combination

Canna Rub a CBD infused essential oil combination

For centuries people have looked for ways to make their lives easier and their pain more manageable. Think about things like aspirin, penicillin, and ephedrine. All created from plants to make our lives better.  CBD and essential oils are in the same arena.

The Canna Rub brand has several products, all CBD infused essential oils created to help in different areas of our lives.

Cbd infused essentials oils

Since the restrictions were lifted from the use of the hemp plant in the United States, people have started using it for seemingly everything. Anxiety, pain and insomnia are at the top of the search chain when people start looking for CBD. Now don’t get me wrong, CBD is a big part in the products I make, but let’s not forget about the use that essential oils play in Canna Rub.

Studies such as Analgesic Potential of Essential Oils cites the uses of several essential oils and their potential use in pain (Tb. 1). In another article, (section 3.4) CBD was found to demonstrate therapeutic potential for the relief of arthritic pain and inflammation.

CBD in conjunction with essential oils has been shown to be more mutually beneficial together than apart. It’s known as the entourage effect. (PMC3165946). The chemical components of essential oils has been shown to have the potential to help to reduce pain, relieve stress, insomnia and in the healing of wounds. (1),(2).

I’ve spent hundreds of hours over the past 2 years researching the different chemical components of essential oils, their uses and their dermal limits. Starting with Essential Oil Safety, written by Tisserand and Young. I follow the dermal limits set by both Health Canada and Tisserand and Young. I went on to read the EDQM guidelines on the quality and uses of essential oils. I follow the guidelines set forth by the IFRA in both limits, quality and their code of practice.

Anybody can throw a few essential oils, some carrier oil and a little CBD into a jar and call it whatever they desire. I call it Canna Rub, which equates to hard work, dedication and the desire to make the best CBD infused essential oil product I can through research and scientific study.

Not all CBD products (isolate and distillate) on the market are created equal, the same for the purity of the essential oils we buy every day. I have tried many products for use in my rub and the companies I use have both high reputations for the purity of their products and a dedication to causing the least environmental impact. The farms from which I receive my essential oils practice sustainable growing and responsible harvesting. They help to create jobs for the people in the countries they originate from. The isolate and distillate I use is organically grown and sourced right here in the United States. My main ingredients come with full lab documentation of their levels of purity and number/type of terpenes. I then create my rubs and send them to yet another facility for the same documentation again. This ensures the quality, purity and strength of the products I make are exactly what they state.

As my blog progresses, I plan on ,going into more detail concerning the different essential oils I use, their terpenes, what scientific uses have been found for each and their entourage effect with CBD.

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