I have to write to tell you of the excellent results I have had from using your products, i am very satisfied with the results.
Anna Marie
I received my order 2 days ago, helps soothe my headache and other pains.. fabulous products.
Sean Rick
This stuff is amazing. My knee pain is gone!! I have osteopenia in my left knee it’s very painful from time to time. I use this rub and pain is gone.
Jamie Gunnell Burk
No otc product or medication has even begun to touch my pain but this actually helped and I would highly recommend it.
Jen Johnson
I would definitely recommend this rub. I have used it on my knees that constantly throbbed and yes they still throb,
but less and less everyday.
Jeanie Littleton
I have Fibromyalgia amongst other back and knee afflictions. This rub is instantaneous on my back and knees. Provides relief that my regular meds don’t touch. Heaven sent!
Synthea Ford